Séminaire Hee-Dae Kwon

Jeudi 04 Mars 2010 (14h00)

Hee-Dae Kwon, Inha University, Department of Mathematics, South Corea .

Titre : Applications of optimal control theory to mathematical models of biological systems.

Résumé : We introduce optimal control problems to produce best outcome in a dynamical system. We present how to derive the optimality system (necessary conditions for optimality) using the Lagrangian. We formulate a dynamic mathematical model for a vector-transmitted disease. We establish conditions for the local/global stability of the disease-free equilibrium point of the model. We derive optimal prevention and treatment efforts by formulating and analyzing an optimal control problem. Using analytical and numerical techniques, it is shown that there are control efforts for treatment of hosts and prevention of host-vector contacts with minimal cost and side effects.