Séminaire Valentina Lanza

Jeudi 10 Novembre 2011 (14h00, salle G001)

Valentina Lanza, LMAH, Université du Havre.

Titre : Analysis of genetic regulatory networks via circuit theory and nonlinear systems based techniques.

Résumé : Since the 1960s, a variety of mathematical frameworks for describing regulatory networks have been proposed. Being the most diffuse formalism to model dynamical systems in science and engineering, ordinary differential equations (ODEs) have been widely used to analyze genetic regulating systems. Furthermore, several works have explored the connections between genetic regulatory networks and electrical circuits, resulting in a hybrid approach that integrates biochemical kinetic modeling and circuit simulations.

In this talk, first of all, some methodologies derived from circuit theory and nonlinear systems, such as the spectral methods and the Malkin's Theorem, are presented. Furthermore, we show how these techniques can be succesfully applied to investigate the complex dynamics that may arise in systems biology.