Séminaire Mario Chavez

Jeudi 24 Janvier 2013 (14h00, salle G001)

Mario Chavez, Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Epinière, Paris.

Titre : Complex networks: new trends for the analysis of brain connectivity.

Résumé : Electroencephalography, magnetoencephalography, or functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) techniques provide functional connectivity patterns between different brain areas, and during different pathological and cognitive states.

Experimental works have recently suggested that such connectivity patterns can be modelled as graphs, i.e. mathematical objects whose nodes represent different brain regions and links stand for statistically significant bindings between them. This general framework, known as complex network theory, has provided various metrics to characterize the wiring structure at both local (the neighbourhood of a node) and global (full network) level. In my talk I’ll present some examples of how this graph-based analysis of brain provides new insights on the organization of the information flows exchanged between the different specialized areas of the brain, and how they constitute the "signature" of the brain connectivity pattern sub-serving a particular mental state. Therefore, this mathematical tool allows anyone to classify in a simple and straight way the functional brain network and to compare connectivity patterns obtained from different conditions or different groups of subjects.