Séminaire Cédric Hameni

Jeudi 28 novembre 2019 (14h00, Salle G001)

Cédric Hameni, Université de Douala, Cameroun.

Titre : Dynamics and optimal control of Ebola virus disease transmission

Résumé : Ebola is one of the major public health concerns, especially after the disasters that occurred in 2013-2015 and his recent outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo. This study deals with the problem of dynamics and optimal control strategies of Ebola virus diseases (EVD). We first formulate a deterministic mathematical model for the dynamic transmission of the Ebola virus. We then provide the theoretical study of the model. We calculate the disease-free equilibrium (DFE), derive the basic reproduction number R0, and show that there is a threshold parameter \xi such that when R0 <\xi1, the disease disappears, regardless of the initial size populations. We use this result to study the impact of imperfect random mass vaccination and decreased immunity within a community affected by EVD. After, optimal control theory is applied to study an optimal strategy to control the spread of disease using vaccination and education campaigns of susceptible individuals as control variables. The numerical results show the utility of optimization strategies in the EVD control and prevention process.