Séminaire Calvin Zhang-Molina

Catégorie : Séminaires 2020

Jeudi 18 juin 2020 (17h00, exposé virtuel)

Calvin Zhang-Molina , University of Arizona.

Titre : Modeling synaptic dynamics with randomness and plasticity

Résumé : Synaptic transmission is the mechanism of information transfer from one neuron to another. The dynamics of synaptic transmission determines the efficacy of information transfer from one neuron to another, and also with the outside world via sensory and motor systems. It is also widely believed that the synapse is the site at which learning occurs and at which memories are encoded. We aim to develop a theoretical framework that bridges dynamical systems, stochastic processes, optimal filtering, and control principles to understand neuronal information processing across the synaptic, neural circuit, and systems levels.

Cet exposé a lieu dans le cadre des Bio Dynamics Days 2020