Secure Communications via Chaotic Synchronization in Chua's Circuit:

Numerical Analysis of The Errors of the Recovered Signal

Lozi R.
Labo. of Math., University of Nice-S.A.

Aziz Alaoui M. A.
Depart. of Math., Labo. of Mechanics, University of Le Havre

Proc. Nonlinear Theory and its Application, Kagoshima, Japan, pp: 145-148 (1994)


We use the Chua's equations, known for exhibiting a very rich variety of chaotic behaviors, to show by computer experiments the possibility to reduce the inevitable noise degrading the fidelity of the original message, recovered from the first experimental secure communications system, using chaotic synchronization. This is possible by connecting two identical receivers in cascade. The technique we use here has the advantage of being secure and easy to implement in practise.

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