Analysis of a Predator-Prey Model with Modified Leslie-Gower and holling-Type II Schemes with Time Delay

Non Linear Analysis : Real World Applications 7(5)

Nindjin A.F. , Aziz-Alaoui M.A. and M. Cadivel,

NonLinear Analysis Real World Applications, 7(5), pp. 1104-1118 (2006).

Labo. of Applied Maths., EA 3821, Le Havre University, France.


Two-dimensional delayed continuous time dynamical system modeling a predator-prey food chain, and based on a modified version of Holling type-II scheme is investigated. By constructing a Liapunov function, we obtain a sufficient condition for global stability of the positive equilibrium. We also present some related qualitative results for this system.

Key words : Time delay, Boundedness, Permanent, Local stability, global stability, Liapunov functional

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