Boundedness and global stability for a predator-prey model with modified Leslie-gower and Holling-type II schemes

Aziz-Alaoui M.A. and Daher O.M.

Labo. of Maths., Le Havre University, France.

Applied Math. Lets. Vol. 16(7), pp. 1069-1075, (2003)


We present a two-dimensional continuous time dynamical system modeling a predator-prey food chain, and based on a modified version of the Leslie-Gower scheme and on the Holling-type II scheme. The main result is given in terms of boundedness of solutions, existence of an attracting set and global stability of the coexisting interior equilibrium.

Keywords: Differential equations; Leslie--Gower; Holling-type-II; Boundedness; Lyapunov function; Stability

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