Cooperation with Maryland (Chaos groupe at College Park, USA)

Chaos at Maryland


Univ. of California

I have been invited by Professor Celso Grebogi, during may 1999, ...

Our cooperation is in area of discrete dynamical systems (study of chaos, boundary crisis, ...), and especially, of Hénon and Lozi type mappings.


* Dynamics of an Hénon-Lozi type map (Aziz-Alaoui, M.A., Robert, C., and Grebogi, C.), Chaos Solitons & Fractals, Vol. 12(12), pp 2323-2341, (2001).

From the above paper, see:
* Animated view of an attractor

* Multi-Attractors Demonstrations (Gallery of Multi-spiral Strange attractors)

* Multi-folds attractors (Gallery of multi-folds Strange attractors)

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