Cooperation with Lyon

(ENTPE, Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l'Etat, Lyon, France)

I'd like to have time to finish this site!

Our cooperation, with Dr. J-M. Malasoma (ENTPE), is in the area of Nonlinear dynamics, study of bifucations in chaotic systems, phase transitions and critical phenomena. (This is a new cooperation).


* Bifurcations Study of an Ecological Model (Aziz Alaoui, M.A., Malasomma, J-M.), (not available, in preparation).

* Multi-Attractors Demonstrations (Gallery of Multi-spiral Strange attractors)

* Multi-folds attractors (Gallery of multi-folds Strange attractors)

* Animated view of an attractor (An animated view of a strange attractor)

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