Vibrations Analysis and Bifurcations in the Self-Sustained Electromechanical System with Multiple Functions.

Yamapi R. and M.A. Aziz-Alaoui
Fculty of Sciences, Douala, Cameroon and Labo. Applied Math., Le Havre University

Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulations, Vol. 12(8), pp. 1534-1549, Elsevier, see here (2007).


We consider in this paper the dynamics of the self-sustained electromechanical system with multiple functions, consisting of an electrical Rayleigh­Duffing oscillator, magnetically coupled with linear mechanical oscillators. The averaging and the harmonic balance method are used to find the amplitudes of the oscillatory states respectively in the autonomous and nonautonomous cases, and analyze the condition in which the quenching of self-sustained oscillations appears. The influence of system parameters as well as the number of linear mechanical oscillators on the bifurcations in the response of this electromechanical system is investigated. Various bifurcation structures, the stability chart and the variation of the Lyapunov exponent are obtained, using numerical simulations of the equations of motion.

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