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Mathematics with Applications to Life Sciences:

Modeling, Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, ODE, PDE, Bifurcations, Chaos, Complex Systems and Interacting Networks. With applications to neuroscience, cancer chemotherapy, ecosystems

-BDD'2012 -
Bio-Dynamics-Day 2012
LMAH-LeHavre Normandy, France
Thursday May 10, 2012

A one-day (free) workshop on Math-Bio


The Lab of Mathematics of Le Havre university (LMAH), supported by several structures (Federation Normandy Mathematics FR-CNRS-3335, the ISCN, the High-Normandie region, the FEDER-RISC, and by a network of researchers from Normandy), develops as a unifying theme: complex systems, in particular dynamical systems and applications to the living systems, (Brain dynamics, Ecosystems, ...) It organizes regularly workshops on these topics. By the day of Thursday, May 10, 2012, the speakers come from different institutions: Auger Pierre (IRD, Academy of Sciences), Demongeot Jacques (TIMC-IMAG, Grenoble), Francoise Jean-Pierre (Paris VI), Langlais Michel (Bordeaux 2), Perthame Benoit (Paris VI, IUF), ... .

You are cordially invited to participate in this one-day workshop, scheduled on 10th May, 2012, (09h30 - 17h15).
The workshop is FREE, (Gratuit, entree libre : Pas de frais d'inscription).

Location of Le Havre University
: University of Le Havre, UFR-ST, LMAH (Applied Math Lab.), 25 Rue Philippe Lebon, Le Havre, France.
The university is located 5 minutes walk from the train station.

Program (the timetable of this workshop -50mn talk- is still out of order for now, the order of the talks is not yet fixed):

  • 09h00 : Coffee (posters)

  • 10h10-11h00, Benoit PERTHAME (IUF and Paris-VI), Title: Adaptive Evolution: a Population View

  • 11h00-11h50, Jean-Pierre FRANCOISE (Paris-VI), Title: Forced multi-scale dynamics (Dynamiques multi-echelles forcees),

  • 11h50-12h10, Benoit Sarels (20mn talk, INSA Rouen), Title: Reaction-diffusion front crossing a local defect, (Ondes progressives generalisees en reaction-diffusion)

  • 12h10 - 14h00 : lunch (at your expense, except for speakers, but the brewery's canteen is very good and cheap)

  • 14h00-14h50, Pierre AUGER (IRD), Title: Dynamics and population management: from the sardine to the elephant (Dynamique et gestion des populations : De la sardine a l'elephant)

  • 14h50-15h40 Michel LANGLAIS (Bordeaux-II), Title: A multi stages and multi hosts parasite-predator-prey system within a spatially fragmented environment.

  • 15h40-16h05 : Coffee break (posters)

  • 16h05-16h55 Jacques DEMONGEOT (TIMC-IMAG), Title: Stochastic modelling of epidemics,

  • 16h55-17h15 - Benjamin Ambrosio (20mn talk, Univ. Le Havre), Title: Synchronization and control in neuroscience models: example of a network of coupled reaction-difusion systems of FitzHugh-Nagumo type.

  • 17h15-... : Closing.

Main topics of interest (Dynamical Systems, PDE or ODE) :

  • Brain dynamics, neuroscience,
  • Mathematical Models in Cancer Chemotherapy
  • Ecosystems, Predator-prey
  • Aziz-Alaoui M.A. aziz.alaoui@univ-lehavre.fr
    ULH, PRES Normandy University, FNM, ISCN and LMAH (Applied Math Lab., Univ. of Le Havre), 25 Rue Ph. Lebon, BP 540, Le Havre,Cedex, France. Phone:(+33) - 06 70 73 76 69
  • Ambrosio Benjamin, LMAH
  • Corson Nathalie, LMAH
  • Lanza Valentina, LMAH
  • Verdiere Nathalie, LMAH

Location of Le Havre University
: University of Le Havre, UFR-ST, LMAH (Applied Math Lab.), 25 Rue Philippe Lebon, Le Havre, France.
The university is located 5 minutes walk from the train station, See also HERE

Schedules of trains running between Paris and Le Havre (wednesday May 09 and thursday May 10, 2012, about 2 hours trip)
PARIS SAINT-LAZARE ---> LE HAVRE, departure from Paris at : 06h53 ; 07h53 ; 08h53 ; 10h50 ; 12h50 ; 14h50 ; 15h50 ; 16h50 ; 17h25 ; 17h50 ; 18h50 ; 19h50 ; 20h50.
LE HAVRE ---> PARIS SAINT-LAZARE, departure from LeHavre at : 05h28 ; 06h27 ; 06h59 ; 07h59 ; 09h59 ; 12h00 ; 12h58 ; 13h57 ; 15h59 ; 16h58 ; 18h00 ; 19h12 ; 19h58.

Accomodation: If you wish, we can book a hotel room for you, contact us by email : aziz.alaoui@univ-lehavre.fr

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