Special Issue

DCDIS Series B: Applications & Algorithms, Vol. 16 (4)


Editors : Aziz-Alaoui M.A. and Bertelle C.

Labo. of Applied Maths LMAH et Labo LITIS Le Havre University, France.

Contents of the special issue :

1- Frequency Locking in Tissular Coupling L. Gaubert, P. Redou and J. Tisseau, Pages 453-470

2- Autonoumous Dynamical Systems with Periodic Coefficients B. Rosseto and J.-M. Ginoux, Pages 471-478

3- Turing and Hopf Patterns Formation in a Predator-Prey Model with Leslie-Gower-Type Functional Response B. I. Camara and M.A. Aziz-Alaoui, Pages 479-488

4- Building upon Fast Multipole Methods to Detect and Model Organizations P. Tranouez and A. Dutot, Pages 489-500

5- A Methodology for Urban and Land-Use Management Simulation Using Spatial Self-Organization Processes R. Ghnemat, C. Bertelle and G.H.E. Duchamp, Pages 501-513

6- The Simple Model of a Living Object as an Outside State of Statistical Stable Equilibrium, the Small Change Tendency in Adaptive Evolution A. Gecow, Pages 515-533

7- Asymptotic Dynamics for Slow-Fast Hindmarsh-Rose Neuronal System N. Corson and M.A. Aziz-Aaloui, Pages 535-549

8- The Conditions of Structural Tendencies A. Gecow, Pages 551-572

9- A New Unified Chaotic System and Its Impulsive Synchronization Y. Li and X. Liu and H. Zhang, Pages 573-587

Keywords: Complexity, Complex Systems, Dynamical Systems, Chaos, ...

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