Cooperation with Rouen

(Labo. CORIA, Université de Rouen)

Our cooperation, with Dr. C. Letellier (CORIA, Rouen), is in the area of the dynamic of populations and the study of some chaotic ecological models. The topological characterization of the strange sttractors exhibited by such a systems is also in our interest.


* Analysis of the dynamics of a realistic ecological model (Letellier C. and Aziz Alaoui M.A.), Chaos Sol. & Fractals, Vol. 13(1), pp 95-107, (2002).

* Should all the species of a food chain be counted to investigate the global dynamics (Letellier C. , Aguirre L. , Maquet J. , Aziz Alaoui M.A.), Chaos Solitons & Fractals, Vol. 13(5), pp 1099-1113 (2002).

* On a Three-dimensionnal Food Web Model of Holling-type-III and Leslie-Gower Type (Aziz Alaoui M.A. and Letellier C.), will be soon submitted.

* Difference equations versus differential equations, a possible equivalence for the Rössler system? (Letellier C., Elaydi S., Aguiré L. and Aziz Alaoui M.A.), Physica D, Vol. 195, pp 29-49, (2004).

* Multi-Attractors Demonstrations (Gallery of Multi-spiral Strange attractors)

* Multi-folds attractors (Gallery of multi-folds Strange attractors)

* Animated view of an attractor (An animated view of a strange attractor)

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