Aziz's Hobbies and Interests

-- partially updated --

Most of my interests outside of Mathematics and Nonlinear Dynamic involve family, travelling, joging, pilot small planes. I tend to fall asleep when I watch TV, and, although I like music (various kind...) and theater (more or less!). Here are some of the things I've pursued fanatically at one time or another, (sometimes only in my dreams):

* Family

* Pilot * Aerospace: I started to learn to fly small planes, See here : Pilot

* I'm now member of AeroClub Le Havre - Normandie

* See also: FFA: Fédération Française Aéronautique (French federation Aerospace)

* * Astronomy Space

* * Skiing (Auron, Isoloa2000, Allos, ..., hummm! the dream!, ... snowbird, see some photos from Snowbird, Salt Lake City, USA

* Jogging

* Chess game (jeux d'echecs) voir les sites suivants , (see ) : Club d'Echecs de l'EERIE.

Contre-Attaque Traxler.

Problèmes .

Images .

* * Computers, (see also Utilitarians)

* * My birth country Morocco

* The region where I leave Normandie

* The city where I leave Le Havre, see also some postcards from Le Havre, France, and a beautiful site of one of my colleagues B. H.

* The region and the city Nice cote d'azur where I studied ( Nice University) and earned my PHD, Laboratory of mathematics Labo. math. Nice

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