The chikungunya disease: Modeling, vector and transmission global dynamics

Mathematical Biosciences 229(1), pp. 50-63 (2011)

D. Moulay, M.A. Aziz-Alaoui, M. Cadivel

Labo. of Applied Maths., EA 3821, Le Havre University, France.


Models for the transmission of the chikungunya virus to human population are discussed. The chikungunya virus is an alpha arbovirus, first identified in 1953. It is transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes and is responsible for a little documented uncommon acute tropical disease. Models describing the mosquito population dynamics and the virus transmission to the human population are discussed. Global analysis of equilibria are given, which use on the one hand Lyapunov functions and on the other hand results of the theory of competitive systems and stability of periodic orbits.

Keywords: Chikungunya, Modeling, Competitive systems, Global stability.

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