Nonlinear Dynamics of Non-autonoumous Chaotic System

M. A. Aziz Alaoui
Depart. of Math., Labo. of Mechanics, LeHavre University

Rev. Mar. Sc. Phys. 1, 109-125, (1998)
(Received November 28, 1997)


Dynamic regimes of a non-autonomous dynamical system having a simple piecewise non-linearity are investigated. This system models a simple electronic circuit with a nonlinear element obtained by modifying the Chua's diode in order to have additionnal bends. The main feature of this modified system is that it may show multi-spiral strange attractors. The evolution of dynamics and the effects of variation of the parameters of the modified system are considered, chaotic behavior is observed via sequences of period-doubling bifurcation of limit cycles. Various examples of these multi-scroll chaotic attractors are displayed.

Ref: M.A. Aziz Alaoui, Int. Journ. of Bifurcation and Chaos 9(6), 1009-1039, (1999)

Ref: M.A. Aziz Alaoui, Annales de l'ENIT -medélisation et calcul-, Vol. 12(2) (1999)

Fig. 1. An example of 21- multispiral attractor for modified Chua's circuit, see also a multispiral gallery and a multifold gallery. generated by Eq. (2)

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