Professional experience

2011-2024 : Assistant Professor (University of Le Havre Normandie)

2007-2011 : Member of INRIA Project team ReAlOpt
Reformulation and Algorithms for combinatorial Optimization

2010-2011 : Temporary contract as a research and teaching (University of Bordeaux I)

2007-2010 : Ministerial research allocation contrat (University of Bordeaux I)

2007-2008 : Ad-hoc employee as teaching assistant (University of Bordeaux I)


2007-2010 : PhD in Applied Mathematics obtained in University of Bordeaux I
under the direction of A. Pêcher and F. Vanderbeck. Committee's composition:
  • Sylvain GRAVIER, Referee, CNRS' Researcher (University of Grenoble)
  • Frédéric MESSINE, Referee, Assistant professor (University of Toulouse)
  • Andrew MILLER, President, Professor (University of Bordeaux)
  • Arnaud PECHER, Advisor, Professor (University of Bordeaux)
  • Francis SOURD, Researcher (SNCF)
  • François VANDERBECK, Advisor, Professor (University of Bordeaux)
Subject: 2D orthogonal packing and scheduling problems

2006-2007 : Master degree of Mathematics Modelization and Applications
obtained in University of Bordeaux I
Professional training course of research master at Exeo Solutions
Subject : A waste collection problem solved by column generation

Activities in the University of Bordeaux

2010-2011 : Member of the scientific committee of the University of Bordeaux

2008-2010 : Member of the driving committee of the doctoral school

2008-2010 : Member of the INRIA center committee

2008-2009 : President of the mathematic PhD students' association