Scientific Skills

Mathematical competence

  • Theoritical methods :
    • linear and mixed integer programming, polyhedral description
    • decomposition approaches, cut and column generation
    • graph theory and combinatorial algorithms
  • Applications : cutting, logistic, lot sizing, network, packing, routing, scheduling,...
  • Others knowledge :
    • dynamic programming, constraint programming
    • heuristics and metaheuristics
    • quadratic and non linear programming
    • stochastic programming, game theory
    • stochastic process, probability

Computer science

  • Operating systems : Linux, Mac OS, Windows
  • Software : IBM Ilog CPLEX, GLPK, SCIP, FICO Xpress
  • Programming languages : C, C++, Fortran, Java, Scilab


Industrial applications

  • Participation to Challenge ROADEF/EURO 2010, proposed by EDF
    Subject : A large-scale energy scheduling and management problem
  • Professional training course of research master, at Exeo Solutions
    Subject : A waste collection problem solved by column generation

Software development

  • AlgoKP: software to solve packing problem
    • Checker using consecutive ones matrices enumeration
    • Checker using MPQ-trees enumeration in collaboration with Petru Valicov
  • BaPCod: a generic Branch-and-Price Code developped by François Vanderbeck
    • Help to developp the BaPCod plateform
    • Applications: Lot sizing, packing and waste collection problem
    • Developer to challenge ROADEF/EURO 2010