Dates : July 4-5, 2017
Location : Normandie University, Le Havre

International Organization Committee

WANCSA'2017 is organized by French and Chinese universities:
  • LMAH and LITIS Le Havre Normandie University, France
  • LMI, INSA Rouen Normandie University, France
  • College of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, WTU, Wuhan, China
  • School of Mathematics and Statistics, Changsha-Hunan University, China
And supported by:
  • FNM CNRS-3335
  • NormaStic CNRS-3638 (?? ?? to be confirmed)
  • ISCN
  • ERDF (FEDER) Xterm
  • Chaire UNESCO-CSDC
  • Le Havre University

International Organization committee:

Local Organization Committee

Local Organization committee:


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