International (or national) Cooperation

My past and current cooperation (International or national) :

* WUHAN - CHINA, with Prof. J. LIU, Dr. Junchan ZHAO et al., Center NonLinear systems and Complex Networks, WTU, Wuhan, China.

* HONG KONG , Center for Chaos Control and Synchronization, China, (and University of Houston USA).

* BEIJING, Institute of Systems Science Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

* WATERLOO-ONTARIO-CANADA, Department of Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics University of Waterloo, Canada

* KIEV, National Academy of Sciences, Inst. maths., Kiev, Ukraine.

* SAN ANTONIO - USA, with Prof. Saber ELAIDI, Trinity, university, Texas, San-Antonio, USA

* MARYLAND, Chaos groupe of College Park, University of Maryland, USA.

* SAN ANTONIO, Trinity, university, Texas, San-Antonio, USA

* DOUALA, Mathematical Physics Department, Faculty of Sciences University of Douala, Cameroon

* ABIDJAN, Mathematical Department, Faculty of Sciences University of Abidjan, Ivory-Costa

* OUARZAZATE - MAROC, with Dr. Radouane YAFIA, Faculté polydisciplinaire, Ouarzazate, Maroc

* EL JADIDA - MAROC, with Prof. Hamad TALIBI Faculté des Sciences Université d'EL Jadida, Maroc

* NICE-S-A With Pr. R. Lozi, Lab. Math. University of Nice France.

* ROUEN , with Dr. C. Letellier, Labo CORIA, University of Rouen, France.

* LYON, with Dr. J.-M. Malasoma, Lab. Syst. Dyn. ENTPE, Lyon, France.

* See Animated view of an attractor

* Multi-Scroll attractors demonstrations (Gallery of Multi-spiral, or Multi-fold, Strange attractors)


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