Aziz-Alaoui M.A., PhD, Professor,
Applied mathematics, university of Le Havre, Normandy, France

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Research Interests

    My research interests are in mathematical modelling and Analysis of deterministic dynamics (temporal and spatio-temporal), with a particular focus on Complex Systems and Networks :

  • Dynamical Systems : Nonlinear Dynamics, Bifurcations, Chaos, Chaos Control, Synchronization (ODE, Delay)
  • PDE and Evolution Problems from the dynamical system point of view: Asymptotic Analysis of reaction-diffusion systems, Modeling, Stability, patterns formation, Hopf or Turing bifurcations, ...
  • Complex Systems : Interaction Network, Eco- or Bio-Complexity, Self-organization, Emergence ...
  • Applications : Neuroscience ; Ecosystems (predator-prey, ...), epidemiology
  • My work is currently funded by the University of LeHavre-Normandie, CNRS, ANR, CPER Normandie Region, and european funding ERDF through grants project Xterm.

NEW : available jobs, post-doc, ...

See HERE all available jobs

  • -- Post-doc (Complex systems and networks of coupled PDE, numerical dynamical systems): 09 months to 12 months, OPEN now (October 2018). CLOSED
  • -- Advanced Research Position, One year: now. CLOSED
  • -- Post-doc (or Engineer, numerical dynamical systems), 6 months. CLOSED. More information HERE.
  • -- Post-doc (Mathematics: mainly coupled PDE), One year. CLOSED. More information HERE.

  • All of these positions are proposed thanks to the financial support of the ANR, the Région Normandie, and : Xterm , (Interaction Networks and Complex Systems) project ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) on complex networks and applications, and CPER (Contrat Projet Etat Région).

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Other News

  • LMAH Seminary & Talks : HERE
  • January 2019 : Early Post-doc internship of P.Roy in the ISCN, complex systems group, LMAH
  • September 2018 : Early Post-doc internship of Y.Liao in the ISCN, complex systems group, LMAH
  • January 15, 2013 : Early Post-doc internship of Yichao Zhang in the ISCN, complex systems group LMAH/LITIS
  • December 20, 2013 : End of Post-doc internship of Q.(Judy).Zhang in the LMAH, dynamical-systems team, LMAH/LITIS/ISCN
  • March 01, 2012 we recruited Maciej KRUPA for 6 months (financial support: ERDF-RISC)
  • January 15, 2012 : End of Post-doctoral internship of ZHAO Junchan, in my team (D.S.M.B. : Dynamical Systems and Math-Bio)

NEW : PHD Position

  • Abstract: Dynamical Complex Systems, Applications to neural coupled networks. This subject involves the study of dynamical systems and asymptotic analysis of coupled oscillators based on PDE (and ODE)) of Hodgkin-Huxley-type, with application in neuroscience. A 3-years grant fund is obtained for. The successful applicant will join the research group in Dynamical systems and Math-Bio at the Department of Mathematics (LMAH), Le Havre University (Normandie, France). For more information send an email to me (
    Degree Required: Master-2 MATHEMATICS. The start date : Sept. 15, 2015, may be postponed for a few weeks. Closed
  • ...

Proposed Master-2 topics

  • Abstract 1 : Traveling Waves, theory and applications. A candidate has been selected.
  • Abstract 2 : ...

General Information

  • Information on Master 2 are given Here
  • Cycle de mini-conférences L'essentiel en 29mn Here

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